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Game mechanism

The game mechanism of AURUXXX is comparable to the familiar card game classics like MauMau or Uno and offers new surprises. It is about discarding your hand cards, drawing from the stack or with the other player, bluffing and finally winning with the golden 12. The new card game has moments of surprise in store for sudden turns of the game.


  • It remains exciting until the last moment!
  • Every round is different - depending on chance or tactical skills.
  • The fun factor is high


... if you suddenly have to hand over your card (s) completely to your teammate on the way to winning, it makes for an urgent desire for revenge!

Goal of the game

To be the first to lay down the golden 12 and write down as little points as possible. Whoever has the least points at the end of the game (3 rounds) wins the game.


Each player receives 12 “handcards”. The rest of the cards are placed in the middle and one card is turned up beside the middle pile as a discard pile. The figure “Happy Man” is placed beside the pile. Every player receives a play pad and a pencil.


The player next to the person that dealt starts the game (clockwise). If it is your turn, you can pass, pick up a card from the middle pile or wave the draw and lay a card down. Besides, from passing a turn must be finished by laying a card down on the discard pile.


If you cannot discard a card, you must draw a card from the middle pile. If that card cannot be discarded, another card must be drawn. If you cannot lay this card down either, it is the next players turn.

Game play

The player after the dealer (clockwise) begins. When it is your turn you can either pass, pick up a card from the deck of cards or you can forego drawing a card and discard a card.


You end your turn by placing a card on the discard pile. If this is not possible, a card must be picked up from the deck. If this cannot be discarded, another card must be drawn. Should you then not be able to put it down again, it is the next player's turn.


If you decide to fit, you are exempt from dragging and dropping. But gets 5 penalty points each.

The cards

The card deck 0-12

There are two decks of cards ranging from 0-12 in 5 different colors. With these cards, you either can lay down according to color (blue on blue…) or based on numbers (7 on 7) as well as the number before (6) and after (8) if you choose to lay down by numbers you can lay down twins or triplets for example 3x6 on the 7.

The 50s card

The 50 card can be laid down on any action card, any card with the same color or another 50 card. Any action card can also be laid down on the 50 card. If this card remains in your hand at the end of the round, it is worth 50 points.

The “Happy Man card”

By laying down the “Happy Man card”, you receive the wooden figure. Whoever has the figure at the end of the round can deduct 50% of the points. The figure stays with the same person throughout all rounds until another player draws the happy man card. At the end of 3 rounds, the points are added up and the player with the least amount of points wins. The worth of the “Happy Man card” held in hand at the end of the round is 25 points.

The draw 2 card

A 2 can always be discarded no matter which card is on top of the discard pile. The next player must draw 2 cards. Since the number 2 card is also a normal card it can be discarded as doubles or triplets etc. The next player must then draw four or six cards or more accordingly. By passing your turn, the next player must draw the according amount. You can lay down any color on a 2 and of course a 1, 2 or 3.

Action cards

If you lay down the card “cardblessing” (orange) you must draw a card from every player.


If you lay down the “swapcard” (red) you must trade all cards with a player of your choosing.


If you lay down the card “draw” (blue), you must draw a card from the following player (clockwise).


It is possible to lay down more than one action card. After the last action card has been laid down, one more card must follow. Any card can follow an action card just as the action card can be laid down on any other card. If you have an action card in your hand at the end of the round it is worth 25 points.

The Golden 12

The golden 12 card –and only the golden 12 card- can be laid down at the end of the round. That means you must be able to close a round if you want to lay down the golden 12 card. If you have more than one golden 12 card you can lay them down as twins or triplets. Laying down the golden 12 card ends the round. Only the winner of the round notes the amount of golden 12 cards that he laid down, in the pentagon of his play pad. The player that ended the round can deduct 5 points off of their score for each golden 12 card.

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